Systematrix Technology Service Limited

SMARTS specializes in software development, IT outsourcing services and enterprise solutions.


We provide one-stop professional IT onsite technical support, maintenance, outsourcing, technical solutions, and consulting services. The most convenient and flexible one-stop IT services help you to solve your IT problems and enhance your productivity.


Servers allow different users to be connected at the same time through the network, so that companies can use their resources more efficiently. We offer solutions based on our extensive experience in setting up servers.


Our team of network experts can design a complete, fast and stable network for you, so that your business can flourish with a solid network foundation.


As mobile devices become more common and the number of users grows, the demand for fast and stable wireless networks is increasing as the old single wireless router is no longer sufficient. We will set up the wireless network systems to provide our customers with an effective and manageable wireless network system with our past experience.


We can provide projectors, smart wireless projectors and curtains to meet your needs, from sales to installation, set-up and management, so that you can hold your meetings or presentations smoothly.

Data Storage

As your business grows, it is time to consider ways to improve access speed, sharing, scalability and hardware redundancy. Our experience in setting up networked storage systems has enabled us to set up efficient and secure storage systems for our customers.


Our professional maintenance team will take care of your computers, providing unlimited calls, remote support and on-site maintenance services to keep your business computers running smoothly and efficiently.


With years of experience in CCTV system installation, our professional team can provide you with a wide range of commercial CCTV systems, from sales to installation, deployment and management. Our comprehensive solutions provide you with complete asset protection.

HR Management

We have developed the ADMINIS Personnel Control System to provide Time and Attendance (TA), Corporate Administration (CA) and Human Resources (HR) modules. It provides comprehensive functions, high flexibility and user-friendly design to handle different requirements and reduce work time.

On-Site installation

We offer fast and convenient SOS on-site service, including on-site computer equipment installation and on-site computer repair services. On-site installation service covers some of the major computer products, suitable for individual or corporate users.


Set up a professional sound system or voice broadcasting system for your venue, including mixers, amplifiers, which suitable for schools, halls, offices, etc.

iP Phone

VOIP phones allow users to make voice calls over the Internet at any time, they do not need physical phone lines and desk phones any more. VOIP phone can easily transfer calls, hold calls, which is safe and simple to use.

Mail Server

Email is an essential part of business, not only for building communication channels, but also for keeping a record of conversations. Therefore, both cloud and self-hosted servers need to be built on a reliable platform. We have a wealth of experience in setting up servers to ensure that you are always ready to communicate with your business partner.

Case Study


ADMINIS is a highly flexible and user-friendly comprehensive HR management system with its backend system design that can handle different requirements and reduce heavy work time. Through HR reporting and analysis, it helps managers to make decisions and achieve the goal of “Assign jobs to whoever has talent.”. With Time and Attendance (TA), Corporate Administration (CA) and Human Resources (HR) modules, the system is fully functional to help you improve your work efficiency.



Record employee access, leave application and approval. Facilitate the handling of scheduling, roster, out-of-office or business trip applications, etc.



Record every work flow, steps, produce work instructions and progress charts, manage warehousing and logistics, establish company job structure, etc.



Convenient and user-friendly payroll calculation system, record all personnel changes, assist in recruiting and evaluating employees.


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